Make Merry Greetings (+ Move Over Martha)

November 30, 2013 Julie

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps

Do you fantasize about impressing your friends and family with handmade gift tags for their gifts? Or, enveloping those thoughtful presents with even more gorgeous wrapping made of hand stamped paper?

Could YOU be the person that sends out handmade holiday cards this year??? Or someone who stitches up a simple napkin and then stamps a beautiful gingerbread in the corner, maybe even embellishing it with some embroidery?

I think you could! And, in case you inserted an eye roll in there now is the time to take it back. It’s also the time to tell Martha Stewart to step aside. Step ASIDE! ;)

Our holiday and winter-themed stamps from Yellow Owl Workshop make your holiday craft dreams possible. And quite easy, actually.

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps

Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps

As long as you have one of these stamp sets and a Yellow Owl Workshop stamp-any-surface ink pad (or few because sometimes you need a few colors, no?), your stamping craft potential knows no bounds.

*You want to stamp a gingerbread onto a onesie for your new niece to sport at Christmas dinner? Do it!
*You want to make holiday postcards instead of a traditional greeting card? Who’s gonna stop you?!
*You want to buy a plain white dish towel, stamp it up with some pinecones and then give it to your mother-in-law, telling her you made it from totally from scratch? She’d be so impressed! And, doesn’t need to know you bought the towel! Just don’t forget to remove any tags. . .
*You want to make some handmade ornaments with the kiddos that don’t involve glitter? Stamps’ll do you right. It’s what the families in Normal Rockwell paintings would do.
*Or, grab some plain shipping tags and stamp away for personalized gift tags. That’s what I would do.

However, if you fantasize about pre-made holiday cards instead. . . (and didn’t want to take back that initial eye roll. . .)

Yellow Owl Workshop Greeting Cards

. . . we’ve got these stylish Yellow Owl Workshop cards! Pretty, aren’t they? No crafting required. (:

Wishing you a merry start to your holiday season!


Yellow Owl Workshop stamp sets, ink pads, and holiday greeting cards are available for purchase in the Home Made shop! 



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