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January 02, 2014 Julie

Amy Butler's Hapi Collection{Amy Butler’s Hapi Collection : Oasis, Tapestry Rose, Glow, Trapeze, Celestial + Camel Blanket}

Hey there, 2014! After taking a little break from the shop and blog, I’m feeling energized and ready to get this next year started. How about you?

Twenty fourteen is already shaping up to be a pretty eventful one over here. Home Made will celebrate its 3rd birthday at the end of the month and, come early April-ish, I’m expecting a baby boy. So, it feels quite appropriate to kick off my new year by introducing some new fabrics named after Hapi, the Egyptian god of the Nile who is “all about creation and moving forward, exemplifying the process of life.”

Select prints from Amy Butler’s Hapi collection are brand-spankin’ new to the shop. Well, I’ve been drooling over them over the last few days while the shop’s been closed and dying to get started on a floor pouf and throw pillows. These fabrics are the end result of the feelings and inspiration that came out of Amy’s recent travels to Egypt. Look at me talking like we’re BFF’s! As you can see, Hapi offers a joyful mix of rich colors and graphic prints with a fun ethnic vibe. And, they sure are happy!

Maude Ashbury's Airplanes for Blend Fabrics{From Maude Ashbury’s Planet Buzz collection : Aviator Blue + Far Far Away Blue}

Talking about movement, get those projects ready to take flight with some new prints by Maude Ashbury for Blend Fabrics. Thankfully, these fabrics arrived just before Christmas giving me just enough time to stitch up a new Aviator pillowcase for my nephew. A nephew who can’t get enough of that Planes movieDo you know a little (or big) dude that would go gaga over these airplanes and matching camouflage prints?

Cheers to a new year that’s hopefully full of creation and forward movement. And, lots of fun too! It’s gonna be quite a ride. (:


Amy Butler’s Hapi fabrics, Maude Asbury’s Planet Buzz fabrics, and all the other sewing tools, supplies, and encouragement you need for your next project is available at Home Made!


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