A Finished Pendulum Shawl + Blocking Your Knitting

January 18, 2014 Julie

Pendulum Shawl pattern by Amy Miller

Do you block your knitting projects?

If you don’t know what I mean by blocking, it’s usually the very final step to finish your project. Blocking allows you to sculpt your knitwear to desired dimensions as well as relax those stitches so they lay flat and even. It also can release some excess dyes (particularly if your color yarn contains indigo dye), condition your yarn to keep it soft and snuggly, and give your project a gentle washing. This process can transform your project in really great ways by giving it a polished look. OR, if you don’t block carefully, you can stretch out and disfigure that very project that you spent hours upon hours making. :( So, you just have to proceed carefully, that’s all.

For me, blocking sometimes falls into the let-me-procrastinate-doing-something-that-literally-takes-a-few-minutes-for-no-good-reason category. Just like that dress that needs a new button and the pants that have a bit of a rip, I know that tending to these small tasks will only take a little bit of my time. BUT, I still let them pile up until I have a few garments to attend to and then will I set to work. Sometimes, I will push it off for weeks and months before I finally find that elusive twenty minutes I need to return some loved garments back to my wardrobe. It’s silly, isn’t it?

Thankfully, I don’t wait that long to block my knitting projects. But, I do like to save up a few finished knits before I do some blocking. This explains why I’ve had this Pendulum Shawl in my possession patiently awaiting that final step. Why do I do this??? I do find it super satisfying to see several completed projects laying out on my table together to dry at once. . .

Your yarn’s label will tell you how best to care for your finished knit. And, I thought you might find this tutorial on wet blocking helpful. In the tutorial, Jane Richmond walks you through blocking basics so you can ease those anxieties. Jane Richmond is a knitwear pattern designer — we’ve got her patterns for sale in the Home Made shop like the Elizabeth Hat and Audrey CardiganAs Jane mentions in the tutorial, you’ll need a no-rinse gentle wash like the Eucalan. Also available for purchase in the Home Made shop. Just a tiny bit will do ya! 

Good luck! You totally got this. (:


The Pendulum Shawl knitting pattern, fingering yarn see above, knitting needles and accessories, Eucalan wash, and lots of other goodies are available for purchase at Home Made. Stop on by!


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