Garden District Pillow + Guts

February 05, 2014 Julie

Garden District Pillow

Well, my Garden District Pillow is all finished! The one I was telling you about here. What do you think?

Pillow Pop Book

To make my Garden District Pillow, I grabbed a stack of fat quarters from Amy Butler’s Hapi collection along with a linen/cotton fabric and Pillow Pop, a terrific pattern book offering lots of new quilting techniques to try in the form of throw pillows. Like any pattern book worth purchasing, this offers helpful instructions and suggestions for finishing your pillows in a handy reference in the back. I quilted my pillow with variegated thread and a simple running stitch. Then, I backed it one of my favorite prints from the Hapi collection using the easy envelope technique. The final touch was adding seam binding around the perimeter which gives it the look of having piping around alone the edges.

Garden District Pillow Back

Garden District Pillow Detail

I often hear from customers in the shop a hesitation when contemplating certain projects. I’m asked questions laced with self-doubt like “Will I be able to make this?” and/or “Is this too hard for me?” If the person asking the question has taken a class with me, I can usually offer some sort of answer whether it’s to encourage her to go for it or suggest a project that will build her skills to get her ready for that project she’s eyeing up.

That said, more often than not, the answer to the question of “Will I be able to make this?” must come from YOU. And, I bet the answer should usually be a “YES!” The way I see it, the question is a matter of badly you want to make it. How adventurous are you feeling? Are you ready to challenge yourself? Caution: A well-placed challenge will only make you better!

I believe wholeheartedly that if you really want to make something (or make something happen), you’ll figure it out. Remember, this is coming from someone who quit her social work job, moved back to Cape May County, and opened up a yarn and fabric shop called Home Made. I’m not advocating for recklessly quitting your job here. But, I guess I am giving a bit of a pep talk — encouraging you to be fearless. Be fearless in your crafting! Why? Well, for one, I’m not going to leave you hanging. I’m available for questions and offer services like Sew Club and private lessons to help you through tricky parts. Secondly, it’s just a sewing project. I take my sewing seriously but it’s good to keep some perspective. If you mess up, just make sure you’ve got yourself a seam ripper, a glass of wine, and a new day to start again. The world will go on. YOU will go on because you’ll dig in to find the perseverance and patience to figure it out.

How the heck did I get off on this tangent in regard to a quilted pillow? Well, I wonder if you’ll make one. Will you? There’s quite a bit of patchwork piecing in there and this is not a project that I can boast about how you can complete it in an hour. For this pillow, having some very basic quilting and sewing skills are an important start. Like the skills taught in our upcoming Looking In Quilt class. However, I would argue that all else you need are some well-written instructions and the guts to give ’em a try. And, maybe some egging on by yours truly???


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