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February 27, 2014 Julie

Flax by Tin Can Knits{Flax sweater pattern from Tin Can Knits + Camper Rally fabric from Birch Fabrics}

Okay, I am in an official time out from knitting baby sweaters. For a little boy to be born around April 5, how many does he really need for his first 6 months of life??? You might think the answer is “just a few” since Spring and Summer will be here before we know it. But, I will argue that the actual answer is that “you can never have enough hand knit baby things”. Especially when they’re made by an expectant mama. The current count is four. Wait, no it’s five. A friend knit us a beautiful hand knit sweater for our baby shower.

Little Baby Sweater from Purl Bee{Little Baby Sweater pattern from the Purl Bee + Valley of Azure fabric from the Meadow collection}

Baby sweaters are so fun to make! And, they let you try out new techniques in a nice, neat and small package. If you’ve been thinking about knitting sweaters but are nervous about the time and yarn commitment for an adult version, I highly recommend checking out the Flax sweater pattern (first sweater shown above). Test things out with a baby version. I made the 0-6 month size using one skein of Berroco Vintage yarn and knitting over the course of two days. Then, when you’re riding high on the success of completing your first sweater, move along to a bigger size that you can sport yourself, bragging about how YOU are wearing the sweater that YOU made. People will ooh and ahh at your mad skills and fashion sense.

Flax is a straight-forward, top-down raglan sweater that will surprise you with how easy it is. To make things even better, Tin Can Knits breaks down the sweater construction process for you with fabulous picture tutorials and thorough explanations which you can find here. Seriously, check out the pattern here because I know you can do it.

I also finally selected and stitched on the buttons for the Little Baby Sweater that I finished this past Summer. Yikes, that was ages ago! Another fun pattern to try, though it did take a little longer to make because this sweater calls for fingering or sock yarn. I used SweetGeorgia Yarns’ ToughLove Sock and Spud & Chloe Fine yarn for the version you see here. Super cute and perhaps more appropriate for a Spring baby. . .

Add these two sweaters to this one and this one I already made and this little guy’s wardrobe is filling up. He’s going to be quite the stylish fella, don’t you think? If you’d like the full details for these projects, you can check them out with links to the patterns on my personal Ravelry page here.

Don’t hold me to this because I can’t say for sure if the “time out” will stick, but I may be finished making things for baby. The nursery is in good shape. The little guy will definitely not go naked with all the gifted clothes and hand-me-downs filling his dresser. So, wouldn’t you say it’s high time for me to get cracking on that Cargo Duffle in these fabrics that I’ve been dreaming about for myself???


Berroco Vintage, SweetGeorgia Yarns ToughLove Sock + Spud & Chloe Fine yarn, as well as buttons, knitting needles + notions, as well as those fun background fabrics you see are all available for purchase in the Home Made shop! Come on by.


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