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February 28, 2014 Julie

Press of AC Photo{Photo by Dorothy Sheehan for The Press of Atlantic City}

Last week, we were lucky enough to have a reporter visit from The Press of Atlantic City. And, the article hit the press the very next day!

In the article, the reporter talked about how there’s been a resurgence of craft — hobbies that many people used think were reserved for “grandma” figures are now being embraced by younger generations. With so much of what we do online and intangible, it can be really grounding and reassuring to hold fabric or yarn in your own hands and get back to the basics of making something yourself. Don’t you think? Well, you follow this blog so I would guess you do!

It’s exciting to see more and more businesses devoted to art opening up in the area, too. You can make pottery, learn to paint, learn to paint while drinking wine, knit a scarf, and/or pick up quilting. Sure, the classes offered at Home Made and other businesses provide entertainment but they’re also food for the soul. Not only are you expressing yourself through art, you are learning a new skill. Potentially life saving skills, folks! Because if you take a knitting class at Home Made, we’re theoretically setting you up for survival — in the event that you find yourself trapped on a deserted frigid island, you’ll be able to knit yourself a hat and sweater out of found materials. Or at least a Cozy Neck Warmer! ;) More seriously and importantly, you are nurturing yourself by tapping into a part of your brain that you may not get to use in other aspects of your life and letting go of some stress by meditating on your art project. Even if it’s only for two hours a week.

I’ve been doing “grandma” hobbies for years now and obviously love them enough to have opened up a business around them three years ago. I’m quite used to being gently teased about my knitting and sewing habits. What I’ve discovered, however, is that the folks that tease are usually the ones that either secretly want to embrace their “grandma” side and join you OR they are waiting for the right opportunity to convince you to make them a new hat (or quilt or other handmade item). Deep down, they realize what we already know. What our grandmas have known. That it’s cool to craft.

I’ve felt so blessed to have been included in the article and pleased to see all the new faces come around to check out my small but mighty shop called Home Made as a result of reading it. I knew there were more of you crafters out there! Did you know how cool you are?


A special shout out goes to three lovely, beautiful, more-than-“middle-aged” crafty ladies who participated in the interview — Tammy, Heather + Lily. Thank you!


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