Wiksten Tank

March 20, 2014 Julie

Wiksten Tank Sewing Pattern

A handful of these tank tops, in various fabrics and prints, comprised my summer uniform last year. This very functional top is perfect for hot, humid months. It’s also great for layering under a cardigan when you’re anxiously awaiting the warmer months to arrive and want a new snappy Spring top to wear. Like now!

The Wiksten Tank is a downloadable sewing pattern that you can find right here. Once you print your pattern pages, you’ve got to tape them together. Not my favorite part either, but you only have to do this once. Just make sure you’re printing with borderless printing so everything is printed to the proper scale. Then, I recommend using pattern tracing material to trace your desired size from the original. That way you can roll up the original pattern print-out and save for later when you want to trace other sizes. Or, for when you decide to make the dress version of this wardrobe basic.

Wiksten Tank Detail

You can make this top in whatever fabric you choose–jersey, chambray, quilting cotton, voile. But, if you’re most familiar with medium weight quilting cottons like the ones I sell in the Home Made shop, you might find it easiest to use a quilting cotton to make your first tank. Once you learn the pattern, it will be much easier to switch it up and experiment with more delicate–and sometimes more slippery–fabrics that will offer a different silhouette. Especially if you’re a beginner sewer. For my pre-pregnancy self, I made my tanks in the medium size. I would sometimes wear this tank plain with a chunky necklace or with a skinny belt around the waist. Ah, it feels like ages ago that I was wearing cute, regular (aka non-maternity) clothes. Those were the days! Though, it won’t be too long before the Wiksten Tank and I are reunited but a girl can daydream. . .

I know this is a super basic top, but there’s something so satisfying about being able to make your own clothes. To wake up and decide, “hey, I want a new shirt” and then, instead of heading out to purchase one that was probably made in a faraway country of questionable quality, you hit the sewing machine and stitch up yourself a new shirt by the afternoon. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

In addition to downloading your Wiksten Tank sewing pattern, you’ll need to grab 2 1/2 yards of fabric for the tank (or 3 yards fabric for the tank dress). Why so much? Well, you’re finishing the edges around your neckline and arms with bias tape which requires that you cut some of your pattern pieces on the diagonal. You’ll have some leftover fabric to add to your stash for a future project. How can that be a bad thing?

Will you give the Wiksten Tank a try? If you’ve been wanting to sew your own clothes, this is a great pattern to start with. You can do it!


All the supplies you need for making your own Wiksten Tank are sold at Home Made, including pattern tracing material, fabric, thread, sewing machine needles, pins, and other sewing accessories and tools. Stop on by!


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