Waiting with Churros

March 28, 2014 Julie

Churros Scarf Progress

This waiting to go into labor business is for the birds. I know, I know. My due date is a week away and first babies have a reputation for being fashionably late to the party. But, still! I’ve been pregnant FOR AGES already. . . For the last two weeks I’ve been adamant that I WILL have this baby sooner than later. I was convinced that if only I cleaned all my floors, made enough freezer meals, went for regular walks, planned out the summer’s class projects, and finished my taxes this baby would see that there’s really no reason for delay. My hospital bag is made and packed, little buddy!

Ah, but that’s not how it works. Clearly, I’m not running this show. What to do? Besides eat too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and daydream about new Spring sandals. . .  I’m focusing on my Churros Scarf, that’s what.

Churros is a beautiful new scarf pattern from Manos del Uruguay that uses their luscious Fino yarn. Fino is a fingering weight blend of extra fine merino and silk. With a bit of sheen, a ton of squishiness, and a gorgeous tonal color variation, this is definitely one of my favorite yarns to wrap myself in. So, I knew I had to make the Churros scarf when I saw Manos released it in their collection of spring patterns. You might remember the Pluma Shawlette I made last year.

The Churros scarf is made with a two-color brioche stitch which is really, really fun to knit. You’re essentially knitting the front once with each color and then flipping to work the back with each color, creating a reversible scarf. Have you knit the brioche stitch before?

I’m just over halfway finished this scarf so not much longer to go. Do you think THIS is what he’s waiting for? That my baby boy just needs me to finish this scarf and then he’ll grace us with his presence??? 


If you’d like to give this project a go on your own, I’ve got the pattern, yarn and knitting needles here in the Home Made shop for you. And, a heads up — I’m also putting together a workshop for May or June where I’ll teach you the two-color brioche stitch and get you started on your own Churros scarf. Get ready! (:



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