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April 29, 2014 Julie

Ezra's Striped Sweater

This guy. Get a load of this handsome fella in the sweater his mama made him! I read somewhere (on the internet) that Mister Rogers’ mother knit all his sweaters. The obvious conclusion is that I’m setting Ezra up to become a smart, kind, compassionate and generally awesome individual just like Fred. I mean, look at how many handmade sweaters he’s got and he’s not even two weeks old!

Brian and I are pretty deep into the world of dirty diapers, deciphering baby grunts, breastfeeding, daily loads of laundry, and interrupted sleep. But, when you’re in it with this guy, it’s all pret-ty darn wonderful. While his regular hiccups and powerful kicks remind me that I felt those same movements as I carried him for over 41 weeks (yikes!), I still look at Ezra in awe. He’s just perfect, don’t you think? AND, he was living in my abdominal cavity!!!! Crazy.

Sure, I could do nothing but stare at this adorable face all day. But, it’s time to ease back into running the Home Made shop. If only those bills also took maternity time. . .

SO, the Home Made shop will reopen THIS WEEKEND! As of May 3, we’ll be open Saturdays 10AM – 5PM and Sundays 11AM – 4PM. Soon, I hope to figure out some weekday hours as well. Have you finished any projects while I was on “maternity leave” to bring and show off? Can we help you on your way to your next craft project???

See you again soon!


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