Nixie Shawlette

May 07, 2014 Julie

Nixie Shawlette Detail{Nixie : knitting pattern by Carina Spencer, available for purchase at Home Made}

Kim recently finished knitting her Nixie Shawlette and generously offered to loan it to me so I could show it off in the shop. It’s so so pretty! Kim did a fabulous job, didn’t she? I’ve tried on this shawlette a whole bunch of times (as Kim knows), fantasizing about when I’ll steal some time to knit one for myself. It has just the perfect amount of shawlette to stay put while wearing it kerchief style. My favorite. Though, you could surely drape it over your shoulders to wear in more traditional shawl style which really shows off those stripes. And keeps those shoulders warm. (:

Nixie Shawlette

Aside from the beautiful stripe pattern, there’s a really interesting ribbed ruffle that looks like a fin on one end of this top-down triangular shawlette. That’s where this shawlette gets its name — Nixie in German folklore means water spirit.

Nixie is a perfect Spring project for advanced beginners, as the pattern calls for a garter tab cast on and has you alternating between two colors of yarn. Plus, there’s that fun fin detail to finish your shawlette. So fancy! Get ready to show off your knitting skills or tackle some new ones — just take your time and refer to the abbreviations/glossary on the pattern to help you through new-to-you techniques.

For her Nixie, Kim used one skein of a multi-colored yarn for her main color (Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in Tannat) and one skein of a semi-solid yarn for her contrast color (SweetGeorgia Yarns’ Tough Love Sock in Coastal). I really like how the blue semi-solid yarn creates a more subtle stripe, as it picks up some of the blues in the multi-colored yarn. Though, you could opt for a more dramatic stripe when you knit yours by selecting two yarns with greater contrast in color.

Here are a few of my favorite color combinations:

Nixie Yarn Options 1{Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in Fondo del mar + SweetGeorgia Yarns’ ToughLove Sock in Botanical OR
SweetGeorgia Yarn’s ToughLove Sock in Ginger + Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in Atlantico}

Nixie Yarn Options 2{Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in Ceibo + SweetGeorgia Yarns’ ToughLove Sock in Bison OR
SweetGeorgia Yarn’s ToughLove Sock in Mist + Manos del Uruguay’s Alegria in Macachines}

Are you ready to get started on your own Nixie??? Which color combination will you choose?

Pssst! The pattern and supplies for Nixie would make a GREAT Mother’s Day gift. Though, we do have gift certificates if you think Mama would like to choose something for herself.


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