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May 15, 2014 Julie

Seashore Sundress in Little Whales

As soon as the Littles fabric arrived to the shop, I knew I would have to make another Seashore Sundress to show off this fun print. This fabric just screams little girl sundress, don’t you think?

Seashore Sundress in Little Whales

A dress with ruffles, button straps, pockets (!), and even coordinating bloomers is the perfect project if: a) you have a little girl in your life who wears size 6 months up to a girl’s 12, b) said girl loves to sport a cute sundress and c) you are ready to start stitching some children’s clothing. Let this be your inspiration to tackle the dreaded buttonhole! Because . . . buttonholes are really nothing to fear — just grab your sewing machine manual for instructions and do a practice run first.

If you’re somewhat new to sewing, you’ll find this dress pattern from Oliver + S has clear instructions and just enough detail to comfortably challenge you to become an even better sewer. Before beginning, you’ll want to trace the pattern pieces for your selected size so you can preserve the original — that way, you get the most out of your pattern and can make more as your little girl grows. We now have Swedish tracing paper stocked in the Home Made shop so be sure to grab some along with your sewing pattern and fabric! Look, there’s even a fabulous tutorial from Oliver + S on using Swedish tracing paper to preserve a sewing pattern. How lucky for us!

Mackenzie's Ice Cream Dress in Littles

Oliver + S brings us another great sewing pattern in their Ice Cream Dress. I made one a while ago, though I much prefer this version that Mackenzie is sporting. Mackenzie’s mama Allison chose the Little Anchors fabric with a navy solid for her second Ice Cream Dress. You can see her first one, also super adorable, right here. Like the Seashore Sundress, the Ice Cream Dress is a terrific choice if you’re looking for an easy but impressive dress pattern. Your little girl will definitely enjoy showing off the new digs that you made for her.

Are you ready to start stitching some sweet and stylish clothes for your favorite little gal?


Oliver + S sewing patterns, Swedish tracing paper, quality fabric, thread, sewing machine needles, other sewing supplies and encouragement can all be found at Home Made! When you buy from a small business like Home Made you allow us to keep doing what we do (including writing this blog). And, we sure do appreciate your business. So, thank you!!!

Home Made is currently OPEN WEEKENDS : Saturdays 10AM-5PM + Sundays 11AM-4PM.




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