Shot Cottons by Rowan Fabrics

July 30, 2014 Julie

Rowan Fabrics' Shot Cotton{Shot Cottons by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan Fabrics : Scarlet, Apricot, Lipstick, Honeydew, Ice, Jade, Aegean, and Tobacco}

I’ve had my eye on adding some new basics to the shop’s fabric stock for a while now, particularly these delicious Shot Cottons from Kaffe Fassett’s collection for Rowan Fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous?! If you’ve heard of Kaffe Fassett, you know he’s a master of color. In fact, he even dreams in color. ;)

Just in are a selection of beautiful colors that might just be the perfect addition to your current project. Or a project of your dreams! Be warned: I’ve heard you start dreaming in color after you start stitching with these fabrics. Okay, you already dream in color? Well, then I hear you have even more saturated, stunning color in your dreams. Sounds like it’s worth a try, no???

One might argue that Shot Cottons are more interesting than a solid fabrics because they are made by weaving two slightly different colors together to add depth to these rich colors. I tend to agree. I’m dreaming of a Jeni Baker’s Triangularity Quilt made with Shot Cottons these days. What will you sew?


Rowan’s Shot Cottons, Jeni Baker’s Triangularity Quilt pattern, and loads of other sewing supplies are sold at Home Made! Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.




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