Swans Island Ecowash DK Yarn

August 18, 2014 Julie

Swans Island Ecowash DK Yarn{Swans Island Ecowash DK in Midnight, Cumin, Pewter, Verdigris + Cayenne}

A customer recently described my shop as “highly curated.” Which I thought was a very nice way of complimenting the selection but also politely observing that there ain’t no mountains of yarn nor are there bolts of fabric stacked floor to ceiling. As the owner and operator of a small shop, I take great care to find seek out and stock my store with what I find to be the best and most beautiful. The way I see it, carefully curating my shop is just an additional service I provide that differentiates Home Made as unique shopping experience. A shopping experience that offers choice, but not a paralyzing amount of it.

One of the best and most beautiful yarns I’ve come across is Swans Island’s Ecowash DK. I’m so excited to be adding it to the shop! Swans Island yarns are spun from certified organic wool and hand-dyed with all-natural dyes and traditional hand-dyeing techniques. So, what you get are incredibly soft yarns with rich colors and stunning variegation. And, it’s all done in Maine!

Swans Island Ecowash DK, a 100% merino wool that’s gently treated with organic Ecowash–a process that enhances the wool fibers to prevent felting so that they can be machine washed. And, who doesn’t love a green light to put something in the washing machine instead of hand washing? OR, reassurance that your project won’t be ruined if it accidentally finds itself in the washing machine. . .

Swans Island Ecowash DK Yarn{Swans Island Ecowash DK in Mink, Snowy Owl, Graphite, Aubergine + Wedgwood}

This yarn would be a gorgeous choice for a knitting a new sweater. Or, maybe you’d like to knit a new hat or cabled boot cuffs? I’ll be casting on for those boot cuffs asap! 

It’s so hard to capture the beauty of this yarn in a photograph. So, it’d be way better if you just stop in to check it out for yourself. (:


Swans Island yarns, knitting patterns, knitting needles, and lots of other good stuff is sold at Home Made. If you don’t live nearby, just call 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order.



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