Who Doesn’t Love a Handmade Hat?!

September 18, 2014 Julie

Knitbot's Simple Hat Pattern{Simple Hat : photo and pattern by Knitbot, available for purchase at Home Made}

It’s been my experience that everyone loves a handmade hat. Okay, if you’re not a hat-wearing type that statement might not apply to you. But, still, there’s probably at least one point in your life when you’re like, man, it’s wicked cold out there and I could really use a warm hat and I don’t even care if I have hat hair for the rest of the day. When that happens, wouldn’t it be extra nice to have a stylish, handmade hat at your disposal?

Hats make for terrific gifts and are very satisfying knits because they can usually be completed with one skein of yarn and finished in a weekend. Though, if you happy to have a beautiful baby on your hands, it’s also been my experience that you should multiply how much time something usually takes you by at least 4 or 5. So, in that case, you should be a bit more generous with a week or two. (:

The good news is that we’ve got a Simple Hat Class coming up! October 7 + 14 from 6 – 8 PM, to be exact. So, if you know how to cast on, knit and purl and are ready to learn some new knitting tricks, this is a terrific class for you. We’ll teach you how to knit beautiful handmade-but-professional-looking hats that are destined to become your go-to gift. And, you’ll be    learning just in time to get cracking on some holiday gifts!

You can check out the full scoop on our classes page here. And, if you’re intrigued by these hats but still need to learn some knitting basics, check out the details for our upcoming Learn to Knit : Cozy Neck Warmer class!

Swans Island Simple Hat

I’ve started is treating both Brian and I to a new hat each season which is a tradition I think we both really look forward to. And, I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself that I’ve got two hats completed before the end of September. Whoa. I used the Simple Hat pattern from Knitbot because it’s one of my favorite hat patterns as it talks extensively about how to knit a hat that fits properly and offers three versions  so you could knit this hat with a chunky yarn, a worsted yarn, or a dk weight yarn.


For Brian’s hat, I used Swans Island Ecowash DK in Graphite and Midnight. Brian learned last year what happens when you put a 100% wool hat in the washer and dryer so I thought a super wash yarn was a smart choice for his hat. ;) Instead of knitting a solid color hat, I mixed it up a bit and added a second color about halfway through.

Genmaicha Hat

And, my Genmaicha hat is all finished! Remember how excited I was when these Unicorn Tails from Madelinetosh arrived? Well, I ended up using two Tails for the top part, one for the stripe, and two for the bottom/ribbing with plenty left to make a multi-colored pompom. I LOVE this yarn and am now even more excited for our full skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light to arrive. Soon, folks! Soon.

Are you ready to knit some hats?


Knitbot patterns, Swans Island yarn, Madelinetosh yarn, knitting needles and loads of other good stuff is available for purchase at Home Made! Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to put together a mail order.


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