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October 07, 2014 Julie

Easy Baby Blanket

I asked my favorite unpaid employee (aka my mother) to stitch up a shop sample that would show off our new super snuggly Organic Cotton Sherpa and fun alphabet fabric. Mom quilted the layers together with a simple running stitch and some Valdani pearl cotton thread. I just love how it turned out!

She adjusted this tutorial to use one yard of each fabric so it would be a bit smaller for a baby. Though, now that this sample is all finished, I can’t wait to make the larger size for myself to snuggle up with on the couch at night. While I follow (and always end up getting teary watching) the trials and tribulations of the Bravermans. . . I’ll probably choose one of the shot cottons to pair with the sherpa for mine to show off the embroidery stitching.

Mom followed all the steps in the tutorial, with two adjustments: 1) she used a walking presser foot so the thicker sherpa would feed through her sewing machine evenly with the medium weight cotton fabric and 2) she approached pinning as she would for a quilt — not just pinning around the perimeter but all over to keep the two layers from shifting as she sewed.

Of course, this project would make a fabulous gift for a new baby. And, the original size made in the tutorial would make a special (and snuggly!) gift for your kids or grandkids (big or small) or your best pal. Because–dare I say it?– the holidays are just ’round the corner!

You ready to make one?


Michael Miller’s Organic Sherpa and lots of other fun and fabulous fabrics and sewing supplies are sold at Home Made, a small but mighty independent brick and mortar yarn and fabric shop. If you don’t live nearby, call 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order. No problem!


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