New Knitting Classes : Savannah Boot Liners + Parquet

October 09, 2014 Julie

Savannah Boot Liners Knitting Pattern{Savannah Boot Liners : knitting pattern + photograph by Pam Powers}

Hopefully, this chilly air is inspiring you to pick those knitting needles up! It certainly has that effect on me — these days, my morning routine often involves sipping coffee as I knit a few rows with the news on in the background. I love starting my day with knitting. (:

Being able to wear your new knitwear right away also helps in the inspiration department. So, since it’s now boot and scarf season, I will confess that the two knitting classes I’m offering in November are inspired by what I’d personally like to wear this Fall and Winter. Selfish? Maybe. Will you want to knit and wear them too? I don’t see why you wouldn’t! Twinsies! ;)

First up is the Savannah Boot Liners Class. I LOVE my boots and have been eyeing up these boot liners for months. Have you? The Savannah Boot Liners class is scheduled for Tuesday nights, November 11 + 18 from 6 – 8 PM. For this project, we’ll be knitting cables. Exciting stuff! You’ve got a few choices for these boot liners– you could knit from a chart (or not), you could make the tall boot liners (or the short), and if you choose the short liners you could use double pointed needles as recommended in the pattern (or give 12″ circular needles a try instead). Whatever you choose, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get you on your way to having your new favorite Fall accessory. Or, maybe you’ll gift them to your favorite boot lover?

Parquet Shawl{Parquet : knitting pattern and photograph by Kelbourne Woolens}

The other accessory that I’m anxious to have in my wardrobe is Parquet. Parquet is a gorgeous shawl that incorporates lace and cables and is made of the squishy Canopy Fingering yarn from The Fibre Company. Our Parquet Class is scheduled for Saturday, November 8 from 10 AM – 1 PM. In this class, we’ll teach you how to knit lace and cable stitches from charts. We’ll also show you how to use lifelines in your knitting so you can save what you’ve knit in case of a mistake.

If any of this sounds enticing, visit our classes page here to get the full scoop. Then, call 609.536.2940 or stop in to register so we can get knitting! Of course, we’ll call each other at night before school to coordinate what we’re wearing. ;)


Fine yarn, knitting needles, patterns and other knitter-ly goodness is sold at Home Made, a small but mighty brick and mortar yarn and fabric shop. 


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