Pumpkins + Cousins

October 14, 2014 Julie

Ezra's Pumpkin Hat

I bet you woke up today and thought to yourself, “Where the in the world can I find the supplies and pattern to knit a super cute pumpkin hat?” Well then, this post is for YOU! ;)

Ezra's Pumpkin Hat

One fun benefit of Ezra having two older cousins is that he gets their hand-me-downs. So, in addition to loads of clothes and other baby supplies, we are enjoying the comeback of this pumpkin hat that I originally knit for Finn! I used the lovely Spud & Chloe Sweater, a super wash worsted yarn made of organic cotton and wool. Perfect for kids stuff!

Though, another terrific pumpkin hat pattern is this one. It knits up even quicker with Spud & Chloe Outer yarn and is also super snuggly as it is also a super wash organic cotton and wool blend. Either hat is an excellent choice if you ask me. Plus, you can find all you need here at Home Made! 

The other benefits of having two older cousins include. . .

Finn and Lincoln Dancing

Finn's Dance Moves

Lincoln + Ezra

. . . having them to share and play trucks, show Ezra their best dance moves, teach him how to do Wii yoga as Batman, and demonstrate that, when you take birthday candles off the cake after singing, it’s to lick the icing off the bottom — NOT to bite the hot waxy end. Aw, Lincoln. .  :( 


Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn, knitting patterns, knitting needles, and other crafty goodness is sold at Home Made! 


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