Cotton + Steel Reversible Box Tote

October 19, 2014 Julie

Reversible Box Tote{Reversible Box Tote : free pattern by Very Shannon}

I’ve been talking about how much I love this Reversible Box Tote pattern on Facebook, in the shop, and via our email newsletter for weeks but I haven’t shown it to you! Well, until now. Obviously.

I’ve actually made two of them. So far. Each with different fabrics. All from Cotton + Steel. Both to gift to two lovely ladies. But. . . I only took photos of one before passing them along. So, you’ll just have to take my word for it that the other one was also very cute and very functional.

The pattern instructs you to use any quilting weight cotton fabric and stabilize with interfacing. Which I’m sure would turn out terrific. I, however, am addicted to quilting bag exteriors ever since I made my Cargo Duffle which means that I disregarded “the rules” and took the suggestion at the beginning of the pattern to quilt (instead of use interfacing) for the sake of bag stability. And to feed my addiction. I layered cotton canvas atop a very thin batting and quilted straight lines with my walking presser foot before assembling. It took a bit more time but I really do love the finished result.

I also decided that I didn’t need my bag to be reversible. Nor did I need a pocket for the exterior of my bag. Neither are significant changes to the bag — I just ignored a few things but mostly followed the instructions. Follow? I hope so.

Reversible Box Tote

You could use this sweet little tote for lots of things. But, as a knitter, I say it’s perfect for knitterly things. The start of my cabled boot liners got to hang out in there for the photo.

Will you give the Reversible Box Tote pattern a try? We’ve got some reeeeally neat fabrics here at Home Made from which you can choose!


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