Sewing with Fleece + Making Baby Bibs

November 18, 2014 Julie

Ezra's Owl Bib{Knotted Pass Through Baby Bibs : free pattern by Delia Creates}

Ya know, waiting for your first teeth to come in can be tough. You chew on both fists at the same time, or all four hooves of your Sophie, just to try and get a little gum relief and what happens? You become a big ol’ slobbery mess. Okay, blowing bubbles and making a motor boat sound may not be helping all that much.

At this time of your life, the least your mama can do for you is make you a few stylin’ bibs so you can look a little more pulled together, right?!

Knotted Pass Through Baby Bibs

I came across this adorable bib pattern around the same time that I was realizing that Ezra’s existing bib stash never seemed to be large enough. One afternoon, I decided to cut out a whole bunch and sew them assembly line style for efficiency. Now, we’re very happy to have just a few more on hand.

What’s great about this bib is that you don’t need snaps or Velcro. You just need to sew a buttonhole and then tie a knot at the other end for the closure. And, if you haven’t used the buttonhole feature on your sewing machine, let this be your reason to hunker down with your manual and learn. You’ll love making button holes once you figure it out. You will!

For my first batch, I chose some holiday fabrics so Ezra is ready for the impending festivities as well as those irresistible owls. Since this first batch was such a success, I’ll probably make a few more for my little fella and then put some on reserve so I have a baby shower gift on hand when needed.

For the back of the bibs, I used our new organic fleece from Michael Miller Fabrics so they would be a bit more absorbent. The fleece is super soft but has a bit of stretch to it. So, when you make your own stash of bibs (and why wouldn’t you?!), I recommend switching out your regular sewing machine needle for a jersey ballpoint one. That simple step will prevent the fleece from stretching as you sew.

Public service announcement: Change your sewing machine needle often! Really, it makes a HUGE difference. Get in the habit of changing it before each project. Just check to make sure the needle you’re using is meant for the type of fabric you’re sewing — your manual should have directions for you — and you’re golden.

Are you ready to get stitching?

That super cute fabric, organic cotton fleece, sewing machine needles (including universal ballpoint needles) and more is sold at Home Made! So, stop in and get inspired.




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