I Carry Your Heart Hat : February’s Donation Knit Workshop

January 04, 2015 Julie

I Carry Your Heart Knitting Pattern{I Carry Your Heart : knitting pattern and photograph by Lindsay Ingram of VerbenaKnits}

In the name of love and warm hats and taking care of others, I bring you February’s (kinda) complimentary knit workshop. I say “kinda” because I’ve been offering a complimentary knit workshops for those who purchase their supplies at Home Made and just need a little boost to get started. Remember the Sophia Cowlthe Colorblock Shawl, the Elizabeth Hat, the Onda Cowl, the Kathadin Hatthe Churros Scarf, the Nixie Shawlette, and the Herrington Cowl?

For the month of February, I want to keep the workshops going but am changing the rules just a little bit. Just a little! For a good reason! All those who purchase their pattern and yarn at Home Made are invited to attend an instructional workshop on Saturday, February 14 from 10AM – 12PM for the I Carry Your Heart hat if you also make a donation (in an amount of your choice) to CONTACT Cape-Atlantic. In lieu of a class fee, send some love to this local charity, instead. 

In case you aren’t familiar with CONTACT Cape-Atlantic, they are a local non-profit that provides free phone calls to the elderly and disabled. Volunteers make phone calls to check in, show someone cares, and help ensure the client is safe. So, if a call is not answered at the scheduled time, CONTACT volunteers follow a protocol to make sure the client is alright. In short, CONTACT helps folks maintain their independence so that they can live at home on their own.

The I Carry Your Heart knitting pattern is named after the famous poem by e. e. cummings and is a heart-inspired fair isle hat made with the super soft Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight or Melange. A few of my favorite potential color combinations include:

Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight + Melange{Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight in Scarlet and Natural White}

Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight + Melange{Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight in Hibiscus and Melange in Blue Earth}

Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight + Melange{Blue Sky Alpacas Melange in Bubblegum and Toasted Almond}

So, are you ready to wear your heart on your sleeve head and give this project a try? Which colors will you choose?

Click here to read the full scoop about the I Carry Your Heart Hat Donation Knit Workshop, including details like how you can sign up, what you need to know or do beforehand, how to make your donation, and what supplies you’ll need to grab from the Home Made shop.


Blue Sky Alpacas yarn, knitting patterns, knitting needles and loads of other good stuff is sold at Home Made! If you don’t live nearby but want to give the I Carry Your Heart hat a try, call 609.536.2940 to place mail order for supplies. And, if you’re not able to participate in our workshop but want to make an online donation to CONTACT Cape-Atlantic, you can do that here. (:






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