Ed Emberley Fabrics + A Triangularity Quilt

January 17, 2015 Julie

Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 Fabrics{Ed Emberley for Cloud9 Fabrics : Forest Friends, Scribbles in Black, Scribbles in Orange, Elephants + Cats}

Here’s the latest batch of fabrics to arrive to the shop from Cloud9 Fabrics! These are organic, quilting weight cotton designed by the iconic children’s book author and illustrator, Ed Emberley. Do you know any his books? Think of thumb prints and faces drawn on them. (:

I really love the idea of using this fabric to stitch up a new pillowcase or quilt and then pairing it with one of Ed Emberley’s books to gift to your favorite kiddo. Lately, I’ve been cutting up these new fabrics and others to create my stack of triangles for my Triangularity Quilt. Next up is to decide my layout and start sewing!

Ezra's Triangularity Quilt

If not a Triangularity Quilt, maybe you’d use this fabric to make a little friend a Cargo Duffle for sleepovers (with a matching toothbrush holder!), a zipper pouch for school, a Road Trip Case for hobby or travel essentials, or a library tote for books.

What will you sew?


Cloud9 Fabrics, Noodlehead sewing patterns, and lots of other sewing supplies are sold at Home Made! 




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