Turning Four + Dad Builds Again

January 29, 2015 Julie

New Storage Unit by Dad

Home Made is four years old today! As I sit here at the kitchen table typing, with a babe who’s quietly playing, I am thinking that I’ve created quite a beautiful life over the last four years. Note: Those quiet minutes only lasted long enough for me to finish typing those first two sentences before the day slipped away. So, the intention was to post this earlier but as you can see that didn’t quite happen as it’s now after 9PM. 

On the days when running a business feels really hard and I express this to my mother, she reminds me of how I created a vision for my life and then made it happen. That that’s a pretty big deal. And, on top of managing to stay open for the last four years, look at all that I have now.

Through my shop’s doors have walked loads of friendly, interesting, caring, crafty customers — many with whom I’ve shared great conversation, inspiration and friendship. My doors have opened to gorgeous textiles that I get to surround myself with every day. Even a guy named Brian surprise popped in one Saturday afternoon to ask me out after a mutual friend suggested we meet. Spoiler alert: That guy became my main squeeze and we now have a baby who looks exactly like him. (:

By opening my shop’s doors, I opened up my life to let the good people in — which is really the most beautiful part of life anyway, isnt it? Especially that little person, crawling in and around our new shop storage.

Speaking of our new shop storage. . .this latest piece was custom made by my Dad to fit a tricky part of the shop. Remember his show-stopping previous project? It’s made of salvaged doors, flooring and siding and now provides much needed space for yarn and fabric bundles. Expanding the shop just a wee bit more with more beautiful yarns and fabrics seems like a pretty great way to celebrate a birthday to me.

Dad's Storage Unit

And, speaking of yarn, we’ve recently added a handful of Cascade Yarns and Schoppel yarns to our stock. More on those soon!


Thank you for FOUR terrific years!!! And, goodnight.



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