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February 24, 2015 Julie

Madelinetosh Home Yarn{Madelinetosh Home in Cosmic Wonderdust, Holi Festival, Optic + Modern Fair Isle}

Okay, winter. I’ve had it. It’s completely your fault that I’ve had a sinus infection on and off for two months now and all I want to do is watch movies that awards shows tell me are worth my time (and, some super cheesy ones, too). Okay, winter. Maybe that was a bit harsh considering that poor sinus drainage has been my lot in life for years, I hysterically abandoned my Neti Pot when there were reports of brain-eating amoeba, and probably don’t get enough rest. 

While I’d say the movies are definitely helping, I’m now armed with more antibiotics, nose sprays, and some gorgeous new bulky yarn to get things moving on the upswing. I’m even thinking of reconnecting with my long-lost Neti Pot, too. 

If talk of sinus drainage hasn’t sparked your interest in our latest yarn offered on the Home Made menu, I don’t know what will! You’re quite the tough customer. ;)

Madelinetosh Home Yarn{Madelinetosh Home in Chicory, Esoteric + Cove}

Madelinetosh Home Yarn{Madelinetosh Home in Magonlia Leaf, Spectrum + Whiskers}

Why am I so excited about this bulky yarn so much so that I’m including it in my recovery plan? Well, when I get a bit stir-crazy and am trying to work my way through the winter blues (and icky winter sickness), I get too tired and antsy to focus on a more intricate project with thinner yarn. I’m easily bored and want to cast on for fresh projects (like, everyday) to distract me from the fact that it’s still painfully cold outside. And, that I’m sick. Again. I want my knitting project finished yesterday. Or at least in a few hours before I’m ready to cast on for another project.

Enter Madelinetosh Home yarn. This bulky, 100% superwash hand dyed merino offers gorgeous colors and maximum snuggliness. With a recommended size US 10 – 11 needle, your project will be finished in no time.

A few projects that have caught my eye are this hat, these mittensthis cowl (that also uses Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light), and this hat and mitten set.  You could also use Home to revisit the Elizabeth Hat. And, this infinity scarf and this cowl are always winners.

What will you knit?


Madelinetosh yarn, knitting needles, patterns, and other wonderful stuff is sold at Home Made. Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.





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