Baby Vandalism + Crib Rail Covers

March 12, 2015 Julie

Crib Rail Cover

One of the things I’ve always admired about my mom is her ability to get a million things accomplished in a short amount of time. She’s one who, given 15 extra minutes before going out, will start mowing the lawn. To at least get it started. Because why not? It’s gotta get done anyhow. And, when you circle back, it’ll only be 30 more minutes of mowing. Or two more 15 minute increments!

I’ve always teased her (lovingly, of course) about her hyperactivity. BUT. Now, I can kinda see how motherhood will do that to a person. (:

Crib Rail Cover

I know that doesn’t look like a particularly guilty face but the evidence is undeniable. Two days ago, I discovered that my little bundle of joy had started vandalizing his crib with bite marks along the crib rail. Said bite marks match perfectly to the established upper right incisor and incoming left incisor. My little vampire. Further, Ezra can be identified as the only baby to have been in the crib in question. While I haven’t interviewed Brian about a potential penchant for chewing crib rails, I’m going to make the leap and say that Brian would more likely be the culprit for chocolate stains on the couch from chewing peanut butter cups than for chewing on a crib. I caught little man in the act early on so the bite marks aren’t that bad. Don’t worry. Instead of serving serious time, Ezra got off easy with a short-term probation.

A friend had warned me of the potential for such vandalism while I was pregnant so I had my eye out for it. I had what now seems like all the time in the world to sew crib rail covers during my pregnancy but, really, who’s got the time?! It was way more important to knit cute sweaters. Plus, now it’s more of a game to sew them because I feel like I’m on the sewing version of Chopped, scrambling around to see how much I can sew during a nap time. A stressful game where the prize is self-satisfaction  unaccompanied by the chance to win thousands of dollars. . .

Over the last two days, I made a crib rail cover by implementing my mother’s tactic of ambitiously using of small increments of time to start whatever project. Big or small. A project you would normally tackle in a spare few minutes or not.  And, kinda like how it goes on Chopped, it’s not my neatest sewing job but it’s good enough. Because it’s done. And done is what I was going for because done better than no crib rail covers at all!  

I used this tutorial to make the front rail cover but also cut fabric for three additional covers for the whole crib rail perimeter. I’m not totally convinced it’s necessary but I guess it couldn’t hurt to have all the rails covered. I had leftover bits of fabric from when I made curtains and a floor pouf for the nursery — a mix of these organic cottons and a lightweight dotted chambray. And, I chose a canvas for the backing to add sturdiness along with the medium-weight cotton batting.

I really love the finished look of this pattern and how the ties are on the outside of the crib. That way, they are less of a temptation for industrious little babies to pull and untie from the inside. I also had read reviews about the velcro crib rail covers that some babies can pull them off pretty easily so the button holes and ties seemed like a nice touch.

Case closed AND mission accomplished! Now, do you really think I need to sew covers for the remaining sides??? And, wouldn’t this be a terrific baby shower gift if you know someone who’s expecting?


Cute fabric, canvas, batting, thread and other sewing supplies are available for purchase at Home Made! Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.




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