March 29, 2015 Julie

Spring Pillowcases

Three of my springtime rituals since opening Home Made seem to be:  1) procrastinating on filing my taxes, 2) working on a quilt more diligently than any other time of year, and 3) sprucing up my bedroom with new handmade pillowcases. Note: I do recognize that #2 and #3 are a direct link to ritual #1 and have accepted this is my “process.”

Until I take some photographs of my finished Triangularity quilt top (#2), I’m very happy to show off some cheery new pillowcases (#3) that I made using the Viewfinders and Wordfind prints from Melody Miller’s Playful collection for Cotton + Steel Fabrics. You can see I’ve also been completely sucked in to this book. Before reading in bed at night, I like to put a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow. I can’t say this book is particularly relaxing but at least the lavender is!

What are your springtime rituals?


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