Franca Drop Stitch Cowl + Maxima Livezey House Wrap

April 07, 2015 Julie

Franca Drop Stitch Cowl{Drop Stitch Cowl in Manos del Uruguay Franca}

This is the time of year when a whole lot of “behind the scenes” stuff happens for me and the shop. Really, it’s all the things that owning-your-own-shop-dreams are made of — like extra paperwork and running financial reports and filing taxes and spring cleaning and learning new point of sale technology and new workings of websites. All the things a creatively-inclined person LOVES to do. ;)

Sure, there are some exciting elements to these tasks. And I do surprise myself with how much “tech” I can learn and figure out with a bit of tinkering and online help. But, really, the stuff that is filling my brain and time lately isn’t quite the riveting blog-worthy material. Ya know?

Enter my pal Kim. She stopped by this weekend with a bag full of beautiful hand knits, just in time to give me something more visually pleasing to write about on here. Such a good friend! Her first knit masterpiece is the popular Drop Stitch Cowl. She used one skein of Manos del Uruguay Franca super bulky yarn. This water-color inspired yarn is more accurately what owning-your-own-shop-dreams are made of. You can find the free pattern here and your yarn and knitting needles in the Home Made shop!

Maxima Livezey House Wrap{Livezey House Wrap in Manos del Uruguay Maxima}

Kim also recently wrapped up this beauty. Get it??? Lame play on words intended. It’s the Livezey House WRAP she knit in Manos del Uruguay Maxima. Please bear in mind that tedious, mind-numbing business-y activities may cause bloggers to write stupid jokes. I love how Kim paired classic white and gray with a pop of Highlighter yellow. You can find this free pattern here and Maxima yarn in the Home Made shop.

What have you been working on?


Manos del Uruguay yarns, knitting needles and loads of quality crafty goods are sold at Home Made. Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order!




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