Ezra and his Triangularity Quilt

April 21, 2015 Julie

Ezra's Triangularity Quilt

It’s been a few weeks since I finished the my Triangularity Quilt top. It still needs to be quilted (or tied?) but this gorgeous day seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture a few photos to share. The pattern, by Jeni Baker, turned out to be a super fun project. Even though the thought of quilting with 60 degree triangles might sound intimidating, it’s really not that hard. Promise! Jeni has excellent instructions in her pattern for cutting and piecing your quilt, including recommendations for getting those perfect points. So, if you have some basic quilting skills and are thinking about triangles, this would be a fantastic project choice for trying it out.

The Triangularity Quilt pattern calls for fat quarters or half yard cuts. For mine, I used mostly half yard cuts with a few full yard cuts of the fabrics I really loved. Probably one of the most difficult parts of this project is arranging your triangles into a design you like. I decided I wasn’t going to let myself get too fussy about it so I randomly selected prints for each row and kept things moving. And, if I were to make this quilt again I would do it the same exact way. I think the randomness of the design is what makes this pattern work so well. It’s meant to be whimsical so you can’t over-think it. No thinking too much!

I made the twin size for Ezra for when he transitions to “the big boy bed.” Which will be here before I know it! My munchkin turned ONE last week! What???


Ezra's Triangularity Quilt

Ezra and his Quilt

If I’m understanding his grunts correctly, he told me that he really likes his quilt and can’t wait to have it in his room. So, that was really sweet of him to say. He likely also asked if pine cones tasted better than the stones he’s been trying to eat and that, forget it, he’ll just find out for himself. . .


Get your Triangularity Quilt pattern, along with other Jeni Baker’s In Color Order patterns, at Home Made! Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.







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