Togue Pond

April 30, 2015 Julie

Togue Pond Detail

Ezra is scared of the vacuum. I can’t blame him. It’s super loud and weird looking. But, this means that to actually be able to vacuum without causing mass hysteria, I have to carry my beautiful 24 lb. babe on one arm/hip while I use the other arm to operate the raucous thing. Even then he is NOT pleased so I try to make it quick. It also means that on days like today, where the temperatures are approaching 70 (hallejulah!), I can work up a sweat for an activity that really shouldn’t be all that physically taxing. At least he is helping me tone my arms.

I was already pretty stoked to have finished up my Togue Pond linen tank but after wiping sweat from my brow and applying another layer of deodorant, I’m even more excited to have this new linen tank in my wardrobe. Yay for warmer weather, new handmade clothes, cute babies, and toned-ish arms!

Togue Pond

I used Togue Pond, a pattern designed by Pam Allen, along with Quince & Co. Kestrel yarn in the color Pebble. If it matters to you — because maybe you also have to carry a baby while you run-vacuuming or you simply could use a beautiful new tank to wear in these fast approaching warmer temperatures — I knit this little number in just under three weeks. Not bad, if I do say so myself! I think the key ingredient to that speedy equation was having NO SLEEVES to knit! 

I followed Karen Templer’s lead in modifying the bottom hem by eliminating the ribbing and short row shaping and am very glad I did. I think this style is way more flattering on my body type. Skipping the short rows also makes this pattern way more approachable for those who aren’t fans of that technique. Then, I followed the pattern as written up until the very last step. Well, I actually followed the pattern until the very end, tried it on, and then undid my bind off and eliminated one round of ribbing. I think the thinner rib around the arms works much better for me.

In all, this tank has a great fit and the yarn is a dream. Linen yarn can be a bit crunchy to start but it gets softer as you knit and even softer after washing and wearing. I’m a total linen yarn covert! The next big question is — should my next linen knit be Saco Stripes or Hudson? Discuss.

The second next big question is — who is ready to cast on for their own Togue Pond?! I’m pretty convinced it will become a wardrobe staple for us this Summer. 


Quince & Co. Kestrel and Sparrow linen yarns, knitting patterns, and load of other crafty goodness is sold at Home Made!




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