Time Warp Poolside Tote

May 06, 2015 Julie

Time Warp Poolside Tote{Poolside Tote sewing pattern by Noodlehead + Time Warp fabric from Cloud9 Fabrics, sold at Home Made}

Enter my new Poolside Tote made with our Time Warp bark cloth fabric. Insert “ooOOooh.” Call it the extra vitamin D or too much coffee (or just regular me), but I’m particularly excited about this tote. The fabric, the bag style and size, the cool bag construction — if those don’t catch you, then let’s get you some vitamin D and some coffee this morning!

First off, I’m a huge fan of Noodlehead sewing patterns. Anna Graham has terrific style and a knack for explaining her sewing projects in really clear steps. Secondly, the fabric. There is just something about the Time Warp bark cloth collection from Cloud9 Fabrics that gets me. Its clean and crisp look with retro sensibility is perfection. I’m actually resisting the urge to sew everything in my house with this fabric. But, I’ve already done the whole (unintentionally) matching your kitchen chair cushions to your purse thing which can actually get tricky when you’re looking for it and can’t find it because it’s sitting on your kitchen chair. Life can be SO HARD! ;) For the lining, I chose a blue gingham fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics that I thought paired nicely with the Time Warp print. The straps are made of Robert Kaufman’s Quilters Linen fabric.

Time Warp Poolside Tote

Time Warp Poolside Tote

Time Warp Poolside Tote

Time Warp Poolside Tote

With the Poolside Tote, you get a really roomy bag that would be perfect for, well, going to the pool or beach. I’ve been in need of an everyday carry-all kinda bag so I’ll probably use it for, well, everything. There’s a front pocket that can be made as a slip pocket or with a zipper. Plus, you have a handy hook to clip your keys so they don’t get lost at the bottom.

There’s also some really neat details that make this tote stand out, like the flat bottom, handles, and facing on the inside. At first these details might seems pretty advanced but they’re actually not as difficult as you might imagine. For instance, I found the last step for finishing this tote to be a lot more challenging than sewing on the facing and then stitching it down to join the lining to the exterior for the Poolside Tote. More steps for the Poolside Tote but totally worth it. And, if you’re not ready for zippers, then just opt out. Or, use it as an opportunity to TRY IT! 

Will you stitch up your own Poolside Tote?


Noodlehead sewing patterns, Cloud9 and other designer fabrics, sewing notions like zippers, D-rings, thread, and lots of other great stuff is sold at Home Made. Don’t live nearby? Call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order!





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