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Cargo Duffle

Cargo Duffle Front

You know how you get certain project ideas in your head and they just won’t leave you alone? The Cargo Duffle, a free pattern by Anna of Noodlehead for Robert Kaufman, is one of those projects. As soon as I saw this bag back in October, I knew I had to have it. Specifically, I knew I had to have it as my going-to-the-hospital-to-have-a-baby bag. Shall we say it’s little advance reward for the labor of labor? Nothing wrong with aspiring to be a stylish mama!

The Cargo Duffle is pretty darn perfect for an overnight or weekend bag, in general. No need to be pregnant to make this bag — that just seems like a whole lot of unnecessary work. ;) Surely, I’ll use this bag more than once. So, making this Cargo Duffle is a very practical endeavor, actually. An endeavor that MUST be completed before the baby decides it’s time. And, even before I finish filing my taxes. Yikes! You see how this all plays out in my head. . .

Before you start “jumping to conclusions” that I move from one craft obsession to another, I would like to point out that Anna of Noodlehead proclaims to have already made nine Cargo Duffles. Nine! And, another, very clever (and expecting) mama had the same idea to make one to take to the hospital for her labor and delivery. She even offers a tutorial for creating a lining for your Cargo Duffle. These are just two (of *probably* many) examples that speak to the awesomeness of the bag. And, definitely not to any kind of neuroses, pregnancy-related or not.

Cargo Duffle Side

I made my Cargo Duffle over the last two days and definitely took my time making it. This is an approachable project that can probably be stitched up in one day or stitched in spurts over the course of a week. The Cargo Duffle is a very satisfying project and probably the biggest challenge was selecting which fabrics to use.

I settled on the Tapestry Rose print from Amy Butler’s Hapi collection for the main exterior print, Timeless Treasures’ Sketch Solid in Navy for the bottom gusset, Freshly Cut Hyacinth print from Leah Duncan’s Meadow collection, Timeless Treasures Sketch Solid in Berry for the pocket lining + handle accent, and Leaves in Tangerine from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics collection. Confession: I’m already fantasizing about making another. Or more. My mother is so good to me — maybe a Mother’s Day gift! Or, would Brian use one (in more “manly” fabrics, of course) for his overnight hospital bag? Surely, the baby will need one eventually. . .

Cargo Duffle Top

Anna has made her pattern so easy to follow with photos, clear directions and even a blog post containing additional sewing tips to make things go smoothly for you. By simply reading this blog post, there is a very strong possibility that you are now feeling like you MUST make this bag. Don’t fight it. Let’s get stitching already!

Here’s what you’ll need to grab from the Home Made shop for making your own Cargo Duffle:

* One yard of exterior main fabric
* 3/4 yard of bottom accent/bottom gusset fabric
* 3/4 yard pocket/flaps/hand accent fabric
*1/4 yard handle main fabric
* One yard canvas fabric
* Cotton batting
* 1/4 yard interior binding fabric
* 1/2 yard fusible interfacing (Pellon SF101)
* 26″ closed end zipper
* Size 24 snaps (optional)
* Size 16 sewing machine needle

FYI: To complete this project, you’ll also need a walking foot for your sewing machine. If you don’t already have one, we stock ones that are compatible with the Babylock Molly + Anna sewing machines. This is definitely a presser foot that will become one of your favorites.

P.S. And, if you like this bag, you might want to try the Super Tote, another of Noodlehead’s patterns that’s for sale in the Home Made shop.


All the fabrics and sewing supplies used for this project are sold at Home Made! We so appreciate your business and would especially love to help you deliberate over which fabrics you’ll choose. If you don’t live nearby and would like to place a mail order, just call 609.536.2940.

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