Aug 18, 2014/Julie

Swans Island Ecowash DK Yarn

{Swans Island Ecowash DK in Midnight, Cumin, Pewter, Verdigris + Cayenne}

A customer recently described my shop as “highly curated.” Which I thought was a very nice way of complimenting the selection but also politely observing that there ain’t no mountains of yarn nor are there bolts of fabric stacked floor to ceiling. As the owner and operator of a small shop, I take great care to find seek out and stock my store with what I find to be the best and most beautiful. The way I see it, carefully curating my shop is just an additional service I provide that . . . → Read More

Aug 12, 2014/Julie

A Finished Featherweight

{Featherweight : pattern by Knitbot, shop sample knit with The Fibre Company’s Canopy Fingering yarn}

And, we have a new sweater! I just finished blocking the Featherweight cardigan sample I made for the shop and really love how it turned out. What do you think? 

I always feel relief when I finish a bigger project like a sweater. Along with loads of repetitive knitting stockinette or rib stitches, this project has been on my needles for over two months. Two months! That means that I’ve had some solid time to daydream about what my next project could be. We’re adding some new yarns . . . → Read More

Jul 10, 2014/Julie

Speedy Cowl + Stovetop Hat

{Speedy : knitting pattern by Casapinka, available on Ravelry}

What was knitting life like before cowls and infinity scarves? I’m not sure I even want to imagine it. A cowl is usually the first thing I think of when I see a beautiful yarn and am brainstorming a new knitting project. I haven’t given too much thought as to why I love them so. I just do. (:

One of my new loves is Speedy. Tammy introduced us. It was love at first sight.

I asked Tammy to knit this sample for the shop so we could share the love . . . → Read More

Jul 2, 2014/Julie

Herrington : Complimentary Knit Workshop for August

At night, if Ezra decides he’s agreeable to the idea, I read him a story before bedtime. Though, I’ll admit — he more often chooses to scream his head off. What a baby! ;) One of “our” favorites is this book, which I believe is helping instill in him an appreciation for making things. Growing up in a yarn and fabric shop, of a family that makes many things by hand, will probably help with that, too.

It must be his love for handmade that’s convinced Ezra that mama needs time to knit. It must! And, the fact that . . . → Read More

Jun 27, 2014/Julie

Manos del Uruguay’s Franca Yarn, a Weekend Cowl + Our Summer Hours

{Weekend Cowl in Franca yarn : pattern + yarn by Manos del Uruguay}

What are you up to this weekend? Might I suggest stopping by the Home Made shop to grab a skein of Manos del Uruguay’s new Franca yarn + a copy of their Weekend Cowl pattern? And, while I’m being bossy and making suggestions for your weekend, I’ll add that you should bring your new project to Pub Knit! We’re hanging out at Hawk Haven Winery starting at 4:30PM on Sunday, 6/29.

Let me give you the low-down on Franca. It’s a brand-new yarn from Manos del Uruguay. . . . → Read More

Jun 24, 2014/Julie

It’s All About the Tools

Having the right tools can really make an experience, don’t you think? I’ve recently added some new ones for knitting to the shop and thought I’d share my favorites. Could they be my favorites because I personally picked them out for the store? Absolutely! And, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Do you recognize any from your own knitting bag?

Knitter’s Graph Paper Journal : This graph paper notebook is not only great for sketching intarsia, stranded color work, fair isle, lace and cable knit designs, you can use it as a progress journal for all your knitting projects. I . . . → Read More

Jun 15, 2014/Julie

Featherweight Cardigan Class

Have you knit the Featherweight Cardigan? It’s a basic sweater pattern that’s terrific for those who are new to garment knitting. Though, as its a great wardrobe staple, it would be a satisfying project for even a more experienced knitter. The Featherweight Cardigan is made with a top-down raglan construction and is mostly stockinette. Read: No seams! And, fast knitting! 

After I knit the 3/4 length sleeves, I’ll pick up stitches and knit more ribbing along the front sides and neck to finish. So . . . when I’m all done it will look like this:

{Featherweight . . . → Read More

Jun 12, 2014/Julie

Knit Collage Yarn + Ladder Stitch Cowl

{Ladder Stitch Cowl : pattern and yarn by Knit Collage}

Sometimes, you come across a yarn that’s so unique and beautiful and kinda funky that you just don’t know what you’ll do besides take it home and maybe hang it on your wall to display so you can stare at it and feel justified in your purchase.

Sometimes, you come across a yarn that’s so unique and beautiful and kinda funky and you’re given a free and very basic knitting pattern since you purchased it from a certain charming shop along the Jersey Shore. So you knit a fabulous . . . → Read More

Jun 6, 2014/Julie

Nixie Shawlette : Complimentary Knit Workshop for July

Have I given you enough time to drool over Kim’s Nixie Shawlette so that you’re geared up to knit your own? What if I told you that I’d get you started? On Wednesday, July 23 from 10 AM – 12 PM, we’re offering a complimentary knit workshop for Nixie. Just RSVP and then purchase your pattern and yarn in the Home Made shop to join!

Let Nixie, named for the female water spirit, be your inspiration for learning how to start a shawl/shawlette from the top down with the garter-tab cast on. In this workshop, we’ll also show you how . . . → Read More

May 29, 2014/Julie

New Necessities + Canopy Fingering Yarn

This is how my coffee table looks now. All the time. Full of my life’s new necessities — burp cloth, baby vitamin D, and lanolin ointment along with the sanity savers of pacifier, coffee, and knitting. Especially coffee and knitting.

Sure, I could tell you all about my high-tech nursing log (aka pencil and paper) and how breastfeeding can really be “made simple.” Snore. Actually, I could be up for a discussion about the wonders of feeding babies BUT, I will spare you. You’re welcome.

Instead, let’s talk about that yarn that you see, sitting all pretty on . . . → Read More

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