Jul 30, 2014/Julie

Shot Cottons by Rowan Fabrics

Rowan Fabrics' Shot Cotton{Shot Cottons by Kaffe Fassett for Rowan Fabrics : Scarlet, Apricot, Lipstick, Honeydew, Ice, Jade, Aegean, and Tobacco}

I’ve had my eye on adding some new basics to the shop’s fabric stock for a while now, particularly these delicious Shot Cottons from Kaffe Fassett’s collection for Rowan Fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous?! If you’ve heard of Kaffe Fassett, you know he’s a master of color. In fact, he even dreams in color. ;)

Just in are a selection of beautiful colors that might just be the perfect addition to your current project. Or a project of your dreams! Be warned: I’ve heard you start dreaming in color after you start stitching with these fabrics. Okay, you already dream in color? Well, then I hear you have even more saturated, stunning color in your dreams. Sounds like it’s worth a try, no???

One might argue that Shot Cottons are more interesting than a solid fabrics because they are made by weaving two slightly different colors together to add depth to these rich colors. I tend to agree. I’m dreaming of a Jeni Baker’s Triangularity Quilt made with Shot Cottons these days. What will you sew?


Rowan’s Shot Cottons, Jeni Baker’s Triangularity Quilt pattern, and loads of other sewing supplies are sold at Home Made! Don’t live nearby? Just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.



Jul 27, 2014/Julie

3 Months

Ezra's Baby Shower Quilt


Ezra turned 3 months old last week. Three months already?! So far, we know he’s an easy-going outdoorsman who enjoys a good book every once in a while. He loves bright lights, to be out and about, and kisses from his mama. He smiles easily but is definitely more reserved with his giggles. He’s got a discerning sense of humor. Understandable. Not everything OR everyone is funny. And, he’s got quite a fan club between all his family members and my Home Made customers. Of which his adoring mama is president.

Caring for a 3 month old while also running a shop 6 days a week and teaching classes (when said baby still awakes during the night and eats every 2 hours) hasn’t exactly been a cake walk. Is motherhood ever? I knew it would be hard. But, Ezra’s smiles and snuggles can make me forget all those difficulties pretty quickly. And, *almost* make me forget that whole two-day-induction-before-cesarean-delivery experience. Almost. . .

I feel very fortunate to have a set-up where I can have my little sweetheart with me all day –even though it means a whole LOT of juggling. I’m grateful for very patient and understanding customers AND a crew of fabulous helpers that make it possible. One of which has been my own mama. I’m the self-appointed president of her fan club, too.

One of my mom’s favorite sayings is “It takes a village. . .” She usually doesn’t finish the sentence. She simply states this phrase matter-of-factly and offers no further explanation. And, I usually roll my eyes and wonder if we should join hands and sing Kumbaya. Even though I secretly appreciated and lived by her philosophy and example most of my life. Instead of using words to explain what she means, my mother uses her actions. She gifts her old computer to a coworker in need, she doubles her batch of cookies or lasagna and brings it to whoever she knows having a rough week, she’ll just show up and shovel her neighbor’s driveway. And, then come help me shovel my parking lot. And, then go shovel her parents’ driveway. My mom always finds a way to take care of her people with big and small gestures. Her village.

Well, having a baby is one of those life moments that brings out the village. My village. And, because my mom is the type of person she is, she’s got her own village that, because her people are the type of people they are, embrace me and treat me as their people because I’m one of her people. Follow me? We’ve received so much kindness that it really does make me all gushy and sentimental. With and without the fluctuating hormones. Meals and diapers, baby clothes, baby gadgets, and books have been sent our way. Some of my customers even bring baby gifts when they come to shop! One of my customers was even my nurse during and after delivery which turned out to be super reassuring. I’ve even got my village in the delivery room! Now that’s small town living for ya. Ha.

While I was pregnant with Ezra, our families threw us an amazing baby shower. You know you got hooked up with baby loot when your baby is 3 months and you’ve only had to buy one bag of diapers! One of the activities at the shower was to decorate a quilt block which my mom would later sew into a quilt. People drew pictures and wrote loving messages. Now that it’s all stitched up and in Ezra’s room, the quilt serves as a beautiful reminder of who were the founding members of Ezra’s village. He gets all gushy and sentimental thinking about it, too. Very complex emotions which he’s trying to explain in that second photo. ;)

All this is really a long way of saying 3 things:

Thank you.
Mom, you were right.
And, what would we ever do without our people?!



Jul 16, 2014/Julie

Just for Fun + Swim Team Fabrics

Just for Fun by Birch Fabrics{Just for Fun by Birch Fabrics : Dottie Multi, Ellie Fam Multi + Camper Rally Multi}

Check out some of our new fabrics! From Birch Fabrics, we have a few prints from their Just for Fun collection of organic quilting cottons. The organic fabric is really delicious to sew and I just can’t get enough of those campers. If that Camper Rally print looks familiar, it’s because I used it to make Ezra a crib sheet. Next, I think I’ll have to make him a simple yet snuggly blanket. Sure, I’ll get right on that. Once my sleep-deprived and scatter-brained mind remembers what else I have to do first. . . ;)

Swim Team by Dinara Mirtalipova{Select prints from Swim Team by Dinara Mirtalipova for Windham Fabrics}

Swim Team Fat Quarters

I also just added a pair of prints from Dinara Mirtalipova’s Swim Team collection for Windham Fabrics. And, I pulled together some fun fat quarter bundles, too. I love the subtle design of these fabrics where, at first glance, you might not see those sweet orange fishies swimming throughout. Awww, fishes. 

Wouldn’t these make for a gorgeous table runner and/or placemats? Psst — we’ve got one spot left in our Seaside Table Runner class next week. Join us!

What will you make?


Birch Fabric’s Just for Fun and Windham Fabric’s Swim Team, along with loads of other pretty fabrics are sold at Home Made. Stop on by! Or, if you can’t get here, just call 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.



Jul 10, 2014/Julie

Speedy Cowl + Stovetop Hat

{Speedy : knitting pattern by Casapinka, available on Ravelry}

What was knitting life like before cowls and infinity scarves? I’m not sure I even want to imagine it. A cowl is usually the first thing I think of when I see a beautiful yarn and am brainstorming a new knitting project. I haven’t given too much thought as to why I love them so. I just do. (:

One of my new loves is Speedy. Tammy introduced us. It was love at first sight.

I asked Tammy to knit this sample for the shop so we could share the love . . . → Read More

Jul 8, 2014/Julie

Big ol’ Blue Sky Sale

Sure, it’s hot. Okay, really hot. But, this is the time of year I’ve been dreaming of for months. Haven’t you? That winter we had was ROUGH. 

To celebrate Summer — yes, even this heat wave — we’re having a Big ol’ Blue Sky Sale. Woohoo! For the rest of July, all of our Blue Sky Alpacas yarn is 20 – 50% OFF and all of our Blue Sky Alpacas knitting patterns are 30% OFF. While supplies last, of course. So, stop by to get yourself some Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, Sport, Melange, Worsted Cotton, Multi Cotton, Skinny Cotton, Brushed Suri, Worsted . . . → Read More

Jul 2, 2014/Julie

Herrington : Complimentary Knit Workshop for August

At night, if Ezra decides he’s agreeable to the idea, I read him a story before bedtime. Though, I’ll admit — he more often chooses to scream his head off. What a baby! ;) One of “our” favorites is this book, which I believe is helping instill in him an appreciation for making things. Growing up in a yarn and fabric shop, of a family that makes many things by hand, will probably help with that, too.

It must be his love for handmade that’s convinced Ezra that mama needs time to knit. It must! And, the fact that . . . → Read More

Jun 29, 2014/Julie

Nautical Chambray Prints by Robert Kaufman

{Nautique Chambray Prints in Indigo by Robert Kaufman}

Have you ever stitched with chambray? I’ve used our Chambray Union fabrics to make myself a Wiksten tank and the curtains in Ezra’s nursery. This fabric is a generous 57″ wide, is light-weight, and great for clothing, home dec projects and even quilts. Yes, quilts!

Just arrived to the shop are these two nautical chambray prints from Robert Kaufman. They show off that seashore style in a really classic way, don’t you think? I bet you could whip up a fabulous new shower curtain for the beach house, stitch up some . . . → Read More

Jun 27, 2014/Julie

Manos del Uruguay’s Franca Yarn, a Weekend Cowl + Our Summer Hours

{Weekend Cowl in Franca yarn : pattern + yarn by Manos del Uruguay}

What are you up to this weekend? Might I suggest stopping by the Home Made shop to grab a skein of Manos del Uruguay’s new Franca yarn + a copy of their Weekend Cowl pattern? And, while I’m being bossy and making suggestions for your weekend, I’ll add that you should bring your new project to Pub Knit! We’re hanging out at Hawk Haven Winery starting at 4:30PM on Sunday, 6/29.

Let me give you the low-down on Franca. It’s a brand-new yarn from Manos del Uruguay. . . . → Read More

Jun 24, 2014/Julie

It’s All About the Tools

Having the right tools can really make an experience, don’t you think? I’ve recently added some new ones for knitting to the shop and thought I’d share my favorites. Could they be my favorites because I personally picked them out for the store? Absolutely! And, I wouldn’t steer you wrong. Do you recognize any from your own knitting bag?

Knitter’s Graph Paper Journal : This graph paper notebook is not only great for sketching intarsia, stranded color work, fair isle, lace and cable knit designs, you can use it as a progress journal for all your knitting projects. I . . . → Read More

Jun 22, 2014/Julie

Summer Quilting Classes



{Seaside Table Runner Class : pattern and photograph by Jaybird Quilts}

Okay. So, I’ve already told you about the fun sewing classes we’ve got planned for Summer. And, hopefully you saw my posts about this complimentary knitting workshop and our sweater class. But, what about quilting?! We can’t leave out quilting!

We’ve got two exciting new quilt projects and a skills-building workshop in the line-up that you won’t want to miss. If you’re totally new to patchwork or would like to learn some new tricks like cutting and assembling geometric shapes, join us for the Seaside Table Runner . . . → Read More

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